There are more than 4,000 years' history for the Traditional Chinese Medicine. By the early HAN Dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE) threris evidence of a complex Oriental medical system. Yin-Yang and Five Elements are two basic theory in the Chinese medicine system. All organs activity, body fluid, blood, nutritional substances, enougy and all functions of the body, are connected and regulated by the flowing of the body, it is the basic life power, QI (CHI). This energy flow,control,s the mental and physical health activety of theindividual. QI should reach and pass thoughout the whole body. Any obstruction or plug of the QI circulation can cause the health problem. The acupuncture and herbal medicine are two of the main therapy methods help Yin-Yang got balanced, and Qi flow got pass through smoothly, which are all necessary to help the human body return back to healthy.