Dr. Peizhi Li
Acupuncture Doctor in Charlotte, NC.

Dr. Peizhi Li has been a medical doctor and acupuncturist since 1970, practicing both Chinese and Western medicine. He is now practicing acupuncture in his clinic, which located at south of Charlotte. His practice includes Chinese Acupuncture AND Chinese Herbology. Dr. Peizhi Li finished the MD program of medical education in Tianjin Medical University from 1963 to 1971, one of China's most distinguished medical facilities. There he got his medical doctor's degree. After he finished his resident physician program in the field of Internal Medicine practice, he entered the post-doctoral program of the combination of Eastern and Western medicine in the field of clinical Internal Medicine. With honored Board membership of medical association society, he worked in the University Affiliated Hospital as attending doctor and published 8 medical papers in some Chinese Medical journals. From 1989 to 1997, Dr. Peizhi Li studied and worked in the Chicago University Medical Center, Rochester University Medical Center, Wayne State University Hospital and Henry Ford Hospital as a visiting scholar. He worked as a molecular biologist and discovered the DNA sequencing for some diseases. Since 1997, Dr. peizhi Li opened his private Acupuncture clinic in Charlotte.