I have been a patient of Dr. Li's since 1998 for various concerns. His grandfather and father were acupuncturists in China where Dr. Li also received his formal training. I have personally benefited from his treatments when I had a torn Achilles tendon, a torn meniscus, arthritis and stomach issues. I have recommended Dr. Li to a friend and my husband when they had shingles; he helped them immensely. I would recommend Dr. Li to anyone who is seeking alternative medical help; he is qualified, professional, and caring.

I was very nervous my first visit as I hate needles; Dr. Li put me at ease immediately and I realized the pain I anticipated was nonexistence. Dr. Li uses heat and pulse acupuncture and offers herbal treatment for some problems. I have always left feeling that my visits were relaxing and beneficial. When I first started with Dr. Li the arthritis in my feet was so bad I was having difficulty exercising. Today I walk about 4 miles almost daily with little to no arthritic pain. His office is a pleasure to visit, his receptionist is lovely and helpful and the visits are most worthwhile.

BY Ms. Betty Lembert on 05/03/2010

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I have been a patient of Doctor Li for many years. His practice is founded on those of his father and grandfather before him, and he was formally trained in China, so this is a lineage medical practice of high order. Doctor Li uses pulse analysis, acupuncture and very affective herbal prescriptions to bring high level TCM to the Charlotte area. I've been impressed and grateful every visit, but probably none more so than when he helped heal a damaged Achilles tendon; I had been on crutches two days before and in less than a week was walking and back in martial arts classes.

By Mr. Runge Bob on 04/27/2010.

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My name is C. Smith, seventy-one, of Albemarle, I believe acupuncture works. It gave me back my eyesight. Years ago, I had inherited disease called macular Degeneration that caused deterioration of the retina. I have four or five traditional medical center have treated me. I have received intravenous vitamin solutions and laser surgery to my left eye. During my last visit to a clinic in Concord, doctor told me I had no more options. I tried acupuncture out of desperation. When I first started my treatment, I could not see the people in the first pew. Now I can see people coming in the door. That is seventy feet away.

By Mr. C. Smith, Previous Pastor of Hillside Baptist Church