Since Dr. Li opened his clinic at Charlotte in 1997. Using his more than 30 year's clinical practice experience in the field of combination of Eastern and Western medicine, Dr. Li offers the authentic acupuncture and herbal medicine to his patient.

Dr. Li depends on the patient's complaint and symptoms, using the Chinese medical theoretical analysis, gives patient the differential diagnosis. Then Dr. Li uses the sterile new needle to do treatment. In past 13 years,thousands of patients accept the acupuncture treatments. Some of them got the herbal medicine. More than 90 per cents of patients can get big improvement for their problems.

Dr. Li only use new sterile needles for each visiting. All used needles is disposed of afterwards. There is no any hollow in the whole treatment.

The needle used is thin as hair and which is only inserted to the specific point of the body (mostly on limbs), Patients seldom feels pain in the treatment. Most insertions